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Inner Peace
Inner Peace

Well below your ego
There's a place that doesn't care
What people say or think or do
It's very peaceful there

This place is deep inside you
It's way beneath your skin
The stillness that surrounds you there
Is you without the spin

It's soul, unspoilt, it's raw
Untouched by human mind
Affected not by boxes
Or labels of any kind

When you can find your inner peace
Anytime or place
No matter what is happening
You have your own calm space
I Loved You

I didn't know you
But I longed to
I never held you
But I yearned to
I never kissed you
But I ached to
I never told you
That I loved you!

Our Angels

Sometimes for a moment
I'm filled with despair
Thinking I've no-one
Here with me to care
Then I remember
There's always someone there
Helping in hard times
Making it easier to bear
In any dark days
I know now to accept
Resistance is futile
The angels adept
At being there when you need them
Carrying you through
To a calmer, more peaceful
Enlightened you.
Living in the Now

What's gone has made you what you are
So don't fear what's ahead
Put trust in what will be, will be
And choose to live instead
Don't live in the now worrying
What may or may not be
Take this moment in your time
And live it totally
There's no time like the present
Breathe deep and feel alive
Living in the here and now
Will help you rise and thrive
Now is all there ever is
It's the only time that's real
Let the future take it's course
And leave the past to heal

Does faith need a church
To feel close to God
Does praying in numbers
Feel more part of God's squad
Does faith need a bible
To know right from wrong
Does dubious history
Help people belong
Does faith need a vicar
Or priest to be near
To make it more likely
God will hear
Does faith need labelling
And given a name
Only praying with people
Who feel just the same
My faith has no rules
I simply believe
God is my maker
He's every breath I breathe.
Our Life Purpose

People talk about a purpose
A mission for each one on earth
A path that if you choose to walk it
Was pre-determined before your birth
A mission testing your every being
Mostly based on facing fear
And if you opt to walk away
Repeated chances will appear
With every challenge that awaits us
Comes a lesson to help us grow
Walk away or accept your fate
Your higher purpose is there to know
And as I walk a path that's hurt me
And sometimes cut me up inside
I won't back off from what life throws me
I'll hold on tight and enjoy the ride.
The Path of Least Resistance

What's meant for us
Won't pass us by
It will just come about
But how do we know
What's meant for us? 
It fills us all with doubt
One door closes, 
Another one opens
Opportunity won't wait around
But how do we know
The right door to choose
Out of all the doors we've found
It's the path of least resistance
Like water flowing through
Open nooks and crannies
Down old paths, also new
Don't fight for what
You think should be
Be open to all doors
Like ever flowing water
What's meant for you is yours
To My Children Gina and Will

I know you can't learn from where I went wrong
And have to make your mistakes
But oh how I yearn for you to be strong
And able to live with heartaches

Live life caring, loving, being kind
Be true with all you meet
Remember sharing a happy mind
can make your life complete

Feel your emotions, accept then decide
How best to put them away
Find someone you trust in to confide
to help you on your way

Fight every fear, move forward somehow
it's the only way to feel free
your lives and whatever is here and now
Will find you a better place to be

I love you both, with all my heart
And hope you love with passion
Remember growth will make you smart
with feelings you never ration

Into the rat race, I'll watch you go
With tears but full of hope
Whatever the case I hope you'll know
A way to help you cope

And my final wish for you my dears
Is for your children to learn the same
How loving honestly without fears
Should be life's one main aim!
Today is your compilation
Of what, before, has been
All that you've experienced
All that you have seen

Today is your collection
The worth of all your days
The good, the bad, the ugly
Is with you, for always

Today is your accumulation
Of all you have lived through
The joys, the struggles the humour
Prepares you for what's new

Today is your acceptance
Of a past that will always be
Believing now was meant for you
Will set your future free

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