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Today I move on

A new start, A new day
Shut the door on behind,
Walk forward in search
Of an inner peace of mind

Leave the anger to yesterday
Along with the pain
Not forgetting the suffering
But to start living again

No judgements, no bias
No prejudice, no spin
Take each person on merit
And the heart that's within

Don't distrust, keep faith
And life will enhance
Don't conclude from the past
But give everyone a chance

All the heartbreak and tears
taught lessons, now gone
Today I look forward

Today I move on!


All about me

I Don't want to talk about it
Please let what I say, be
And if you moan, I shan't be pleased
Cos this is me, being me

How silly to think it matters
You don't want chips for tea
I do, so run along now
It's what I need for me

Did I forget to phone you?
Bumped into an ex, you see
Please don't make a deal of this
It's just laid-back, carefree, me

Don't forget you're very lucky
You're not single still and free
Who else would be this accepting
It's a good job you have me

Now, go and count your blessings
Come back and we'll have tea
We can hug and feel much better
Cos It's all about me


My Female Abuser

Manipulating, scheming lass
How could I let her so,
Break me down, and work my thoughts
Then watch her grow and grow

And as she took my energy
And used it for herself
I got weaker, down much deeper
And suffered with my health

Oh, she played a clever game
For her, I'd respect and trust
Little things I let her do
Was cos I wasn't fussed

And how she couldn't justify
She never took the blame
'twas always someone else's fault
Excuses, always lame

Oh yes, I know I've been a fool
Trusting words, instead of actions
But never once did I expect
Bombardments of infractions

All's been said that can be said
Something in me's died
But I least can hold my head up high
And walk away with pride

And as I follow along life's path
Carrying lessons I have learned
I hopes she carries a few herself
to stop more fingers being burned


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