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To Judge or not to Judge

Everyday, we make judgements
On people we meet
To feel our own worth
To just feel complete

Each person we place
In life's pigeon holes
According to stature
Virtue and roles

Our judgements are guesses
Assumptions, own ways
Of seeing situations
From our own dim-past haze

If People Loved People

Less and less people
Seem to care
About each other
And more about their
Material belongings
Their clothes, their car
If they loved more people
The world would be a far
Better place for everyone
We'd see more respect
If people knew better
They'd be able to connect
To others with empathy, 
Understanding and kind
If people loved people
We'd have happier minds 


Choose to be happy
Take that option today
Find delight
In a contented way

We opt for 'If only'
We had this or that
Our lives would be better
Instead of being flat

'If things were different'
I'd be so content
But if things were different
About other things we'd vent

So be mindful of what
You think you need
Happiness doesn't come
From material feed

Nor does it come from 
People or praise
It comes from within
And with you, it stays

Choose to be happy
It's far the best way
Then watch how your life
Improves every day


There lived a wise old owl
Who said 'Let the people be'
What they wish, What they want,
Let them all be free

To make all their own choices
Without pressure, without guilt
Learning from their own mistakes
is how confidence is built

Let the loved ones in your life
Decide from their own  view
The path they choose to walk down
Not the one that pleases you

I listened to this wise old owl
Still make mistakes, but know
The best way for me to be
is advise but then let go

The joy and happiness I have within
Soars as you fly free
When in turn you learn the same
You'll let your people be



I need to lose my ego
It carries me away
To places I don't want to be
And stresses out my day

I need to lose my ego
It forges way ahead
Evoking anger, stirring hurt
My ego's easily lead

I need to halt my ego
It feeds on grief and pain
Only when it's truly starved
Will I feel at ease again
If You Ever

If you ever decide to leave me
Will I know, will I care
It matters not how much you're with me
I never really know you're there

If you ever stop your being
In the places I frequent
Will I ever feel the difference
Have all effects been truly spent

If you ever removed yourself
And focused on somebody new
Would I really tell you'd moved on
Or would all strangeness still feel like you







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