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A Life Lesson

A lesson learned
Is a lesson worth
All the gold
Upon this earth

A lesson learned
Without the pleasure
Of maybe what
Would be my treasure

Is a lesson
I've become to rue
Not finding out
If you were true

At worst
I would have known the score
Instead of wondering
For evermore

I accept I'll probably
Never know
With a lesson learned
I gotta let go

How do you walk in shallow waters
When you need to swim in sea
With a depth of understanding
Of space and liberty

How do you swim in shallow waters
Stifled, chained, not free
Restrained and unable
To be what you want to be! 

How do you grow in shallow waters
When around you are small minds
Closed, bigoted opinions
Of the mind-damaging kind

How do you wake to shallow waters
Who helps you see the way
To a deeper, fuller ocean
And a brighter every day 

 A Fishy Tale


I saw you twice the other day
Stirring passion anew
It's easy saying just move on
Less easier to do

Ive always said to others
There's plenty more fish in the sea
But some days it makes no difference
How many fish there be

On the face of it, a small fish
But you took over my whole sea
Never before had I gone fishing
It was all so new to me

You were someone that I longed for
I'd never felt like that before
Some months on, now I'm seeing
The sea has fish once more

But some days you're the only fish
Swimming in my sea
And the fervor that you stirred in me
Will forever be
Living Honestly

If every lie came back to haunt you
If all untruths left a scar
Would it change the way you live
Would it change all that you are

If every falseness became apparent
And all dishonesty showed up in lights
Would it change your actual being
Or would you still demand you're right

If every dishonest action taken
Had consequences beforehand known
Would you think more about your motives
Or have the seeds been already 

To Be

To live
Is not to die
To laugh
Is not to cry
To Love
Is not to hate
To tempt
Is not our fate
To want
Is just pure greed
To be
Is all we need.

Desire v Maybe

If you eat,
 dream, sleep someone
And desire gets out of hand
The thoughts running round your head
Are more than you can stand

You can go into a maybe world
Where desire becomes less tense
Desire then let it go
Cos maybe's your defence

Maybe it will happen
If it's meant to be
But living in a wanting world
Stops you being free

Desire takes you over
Maybe lets it go
If it's gonna happen
You will surely know

So the moral of this tale is
Acknowledge, then leave to see
If its truly right for you

Your desire will come to be
 A Higher Being

If you believe in a higher being
And you know he sees it all
You go forward wth a confidence
Whether you rise or fall

If you believe that every lifetime
Is to learn and help you grow
The evolution of each person
The higher being comes to know

If you believe in no hurting
anyone or thing
A path towards enlightenment
Is what that journey brings

If you believe we're all equal
And each lifetime's purpose serves
To improve tolerance and empathy
In a run of learning curves

If you believe in reincarnation
Different body, different role
Your trials and tribulations
Bring understanding to your soul

If you believe in a higher being
And you know he sees it all
Unfairness and injustice
Will be karmically restored.
 I see her walking

Her head buried down
She shuffles along
I remember the time
Her heart carried song

She's broken in two
No passion, no care
Since the love of her life
Is no longer there

I wish she could see
Life doesn't end
That broken hearts
Can and do mend

She's just a shadow
Of her former self
If only she'd want to
Get back to good health

 Foolish Love

You played a game
I knew it then
I know it now

But all the same
I loved you then
I love you now

No-one made me feel
How I did then
How I do now

For me, it's real
What I felt then
What I feel now


Embrace your fear
Breathe it in
Feel your trembling deep within

Accept your fear
Breathe it in
Feel your throbbing pulse racing

Love your fear
Breathe it in
Feel the tingling on your skin

Take your fear
Breathe it in
Feel your pounding heart within

Use your fear
Breathe it in
Feel it die and freedom begin
TO Pojo
A smile or a wave
As I catch your eye

Just makes my day
As I pass by

Your smile in my dreams
Has the starring part
It sticks in my head
And touches my heart

Love? I don't know you
But I love what I see
I'd love to know more
And for you to know me

Please try not to worry
To be admired's just fine
I want to make your day
Like you maketh mine!
A Smile with Agenda

From where I sat
It felt real
For a while

From where I stood, 
It felt pure
Your smile

From where I thought.
It felt good 
Your grin

From where I felt, 
It was joy
Deep within

But as your smile held hidden agenda
Mine got sent back marked 'Return to sender'

 She's Gone

I learned so much
Of how not to be
The end of an era
The end of Queen Bee
Some days were horrific
Other days, okay
But the best days of all
Were when she was away
She was massively unfair
Mean and unjust
Biased, so cruel
And full of mistrust
She had her favourites
The ones with the knack
Of back- scratching her
Then she would scratch back
She looked after the few
Whilst the rest took her spite
Told lies by the sackful
Never did what was right
Vindictive bullying, 
talking down
Humiliating people
Calling them clowns
I, for one, am not sorry she’s gone
Goodbye Queen Bee, see ya, jog on.
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