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The virus

What do we gain by living in fear
How's our wellbeing, with not going out?
Would we know a virus was near?
If it wasn't, constantly, talked about?
There's a lot to lose, living in Lockdown
Businesses, pubs, all going bust
Empty streets, deserted towns
Shop shutter railings gathering dust
This country is falling onto it's knees
All of us told to live in dread
If we don't wear a mask, or put on gloves
Tomorrow morning, we may wake up dead
If you're fat, or old, or have a condition
You're virtually knocking on death's door
You must stay home and isolate
Is that helpful?  I'm not so sure
And why on earth do we need an App
To tell us, we could have been near
Someone who may carry the virus
Another way to instil the fear
I don't believe that Lockdown's the answer
I believe in what's meant to be
A world of mask wearing people
Is not a happy place to beH

Dear Mrs M

It is with regret that I write today
We desperately need another way
i speak for many, when I say
We don't want a Brexit day

3 years ago, we booked the boat
To sail from the EU was the vote
Now, if we're to stay afloat
It's time, Mrs M, to get your coat

Many months have brought changes in views
No longer brain washed and confused
Much of the UK wants to choose
Another referendum, win or lose


Dictatorship, without the EU
Scares me to death, And it should you

To The People

I'm right, you're wrong
I'm your leader, stable and strong
Taking us back to where we belong
Together singing the Brexit song

Get Behind me, you ungrateful fools
Believe me, I have all the tools
To Leave the EU, under my own rules
Now leave me to concentrate on ruining schools



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