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My Poetic Tales
A Kind and Gentle Loving Heart

We mainly grow

Through bearing hardship
We tend to learn
By living pain
We're able to
Enjoy the sunshine
From wading through
The pouring rain

Embracing hard times
Help us learn
To trust that good days
Will return

And every cloud 
Has silver linings
And every minus has a plus
They'll be good times
They'll be bad
It's the same for all of us

We're given what we need to grow
Enough to almost fall apart
But riding through it helps us know
A kind and gentle loving heart

Let Go and Forgive

 Rising rage overwhelms me

As I think about what they did
I try to keep away from them
I keep my feelings hid

But a fire roars within me
Towards a certain few
How they judged me wrongly
And their actions, once I knew

I feel my fury soaring
As I put words to pain
Stifled emotions evolve
Over and over again

The hurt I feel inside
Is as fresh as the day it dawned
And the love I thought was real
I've well and truly mourned

Innocence and dignity
Got me through that time
I always had a peace of mind
I didn't commit a crime

And to all the people, 
Who put me through that pain
I hope you learned enough to know
You wouldn't do that again

Forgiving can be hard to do
It's now time to let go
And  bear no more angry scars
I need to let love flow

Today I close the door behind
I forgive, let go and forget
And take from those tough few months
My hardest lessons yet

The hand of my fate


Like a bolt from the blue

Accused of a crime

That I didn't do

Causing hell at the time


Every stare, every car horn

Became about me

Every laugh, every whisper

Stopped me feeling free


Every exchange of words

Began a new chain

Of deciphering meanings

Over and again


Calls on my phone

Knocks on my door

Not taking face value

But looking for more


Every outing became

A big, immense deal

Trying to fathom

The imagined from real


I couldn't look up

Kept my head buried down

Frightened to take in

What was around


So I made my world smaller

I kept myself in

But noise from the outside

Scared me within


I became very anxious

Living in fear

Convincing myself

Madness was near


Then my cry for help answered

I started to heal

My doctor and nurses

Helped me see what was real


And as I got better

Knowing how it took hold

I watched all the layers

Of paranoia unfold



The hand of my fate

Sent something along

Which weakened my mind

That had always been strong


My Darkest Hour


It's not just the horror
Of a person's false claim, 
It's the band-wagon jumpers
That blacken your name

It's not just suspicion 
That causes your hell
It's the following and hounding
That compounds it as well.

It's not just observing
But making it known
To the local community
Accusations were thrown

I hit rock bottom, 
A deep, dark despair
I reached out for someone, 
But no-one was there.

Somehow, I got through it
Came out the other side
With all the emotions 
Of the rockiest ride.

A time to feel anxious, 
A time to cry
A time best forgotten, 
Moved on from, passed by













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